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Melbourne, Day 5: A Nighttime Visit to the Shimmering and Magical Luna Park

Monday, December 27, 2020

This morning we awaken in our train car to the screeching and chirping of what sounds like hundreds of birds outside, which is apparently a normal sound for the Australian countryside.

We pack our things and walk around the Codrington Gardens Bed and Breakfast property a bit, exploring the gardens. There are two younger female guests doing the same, holding bowls of cereal and meandering. We have a hard time finding reception to drop off the key, but finally find it in a building behind some hedges. Inside, there is a dog that appears happy to see us but also shakes in fear when I try to pet it (yet it doesn't run away). We hear a faint cat meow but see nothing other than a partially set dining room with a few stray newspapers on the ground. The scene honestly looks abandoned and feels a bit eerie. A sign outside says to "call George" if no one is there, but we just toss the key behind the counter and leave. Weird. I actually secretly wish we di…

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