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New Caledonia, Day 4: The quaint corners of Noumea

Day 4: Monday, July 22, 2019

This morning we had a relaxed start, as it was the first day in my trip that Michael didn't have to work. This meant we would get the whole day together, and he would be my personal tour guide.

For breakfast, Michael picked up some fresh baguettes from the market, one of which was charcoal bread: a black baguette that didn't differ too much in flavor, but it was one of Michaels favorites because it was aesthetically pleasing. He asked me if I wanted coffee and jam, to which I obviously replied in the affirmative. He "went shopping" at his house, returning with local honey, nutella, and several kinds of jam. The apartment in which I was staying was already well stocked with butter. Clearly I was in heaven.

And to ensure it got only better and better, Michael offered to make me a coffee. He used an aeropress, a typical peace corps coffee snob staple, as it is portable and practical, yet makes a good cup of coffee. Having Michael, a season…

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