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Transsiberian, Day 2: Meeting Kiwis in Romania

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Hostels are kind of weird, Part 1

A flag, an RV, a postcard...and Dad, the reason I travel.

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Baltics Video #7: Tallinn

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Hostel Guitar: Nashville

Nashville Video

Nashville, Day 3: Eating our way through East Nashville

Nashville Day 2: Tara got her wallet stolen.

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Baltics Video #2: The Ferry over Kattegat and Skagerrak

Baltics Video #1: Copenhagen

Travel DIY: Sewing Kit

What I Packed: Baltics

Baltics Day 11: Estonia. Who knew!?

Baltics Day 10: A sober account of a drunken night in Tallinn

Baltics Day 9: Riga is so cheap, you can buy all the Latvian Air Bud DVDs you want!


Baltics Day 7: All the meats, and a Museum of Broken Relationships

Baltics Day 6: Making some homemade Swedish meatballs

Baltics Day 5: The Six Hour Nighttime Adventure

Baltics Day 4: The sleepy town of Oslo

Baltics Day 3: My taxi guardian angel

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Basic Packing Advice

Travel DIY: Pillowcase

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The Silk Road Video

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Boston Day 4: Shopping, parks, and Boston parenting pro-tips

Boston Day 3: "Lord, Give me strength!"

Boston Day 2: Feeling dumb in a city of smaht people

Boston Day 1: Boston's Historical Freedom Trail

Young Pioneer Tours Article about NYE in Uzbekistan

NYC: First-Time Observations

NYC Travel Day: "We were ready. Mother Nature said no."

Miami 2015 Video

Monsoon Diaries video from Silk Road adventure

Silk Road Miscellaneous Trip Amusements

What I Packed: Silk Road

Silk Road Day 14: Time to go home

Silk Road Day 13: More Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, and the final day of the tour

Silk Road Day 12: Moving on to Kyrgyzstan

Silk Road Day 11: More Tajik Spa Time and Arriving in Dushanbe

Silk Road Day 10: Tajik Spa Time

Silk Road Day 9: Border crossing into Khujand, Tajikistan

Silk Road Day 8: From Uzbekistan to Tajikistan

Silk Road Day 7: The international language of dance

Silk Road Day 6: The amazing Samarkand

Silk Road Day 5: Carnival time and Yvonne's travel adventure

Silk Road Day 4: Bukhara and our New Years Eve experience

Silk Road Day 3: Khiva, the walled city with severed horse heads

Silk Road Day 2: Trains, towers and a bazaar