Hostels are kind of weird, Part 1

I've mentioned before that hostels can be weird places. However, I've also expressed how it's all part of their charm.

Recently I emailed a hostel to get more information, and part of that email response was: "The hostel is all time open and staff are 24/24 ready to help you."

Sometimes I find amusement in the booking stage, before even setting foot in the hostel. Today I was browsing hostels for my upcoming trip, and I'd like to share some wonderful pull quotes from reviews as well as the hostel descriptions.

Some of these things are sure to deter a wary traveler, and some are just oddly amusing. I always take reviews with a grain of salt. These pull quotes are the funniest or most negative, but most of the reviews are quite positive. Even the worst notes are accompanied with 8/10 ratings in several categories of the review.

I think I'll make this a regular feature in my blog. Here's part one, but look forward to a post like this any time I'm looking to book a hostel...

From the hostel description:

"...the big-size beds are tailor-made for taller persons..."

"For muscular men and slim women with long legs, please choose rooms with double bed for one person accommodation or give us an advanced notice."

"Starting with the New Big HYDROMASSAGE Shower, yes i’m writing correct, an Hydromassage shower where u can relax and listen music inside."

"if u forget your slippers don't worry because we have thought also on this and we will give u a pair."

From hostel reviews:

"I do recommend staying in an all female dorm if you can. I stayed in both female and mixed, and the mixed dorm smelled like wet dog and foot the whole week. Probably has a lot more to do with the inhabitants than the hostel staff."

"Bottom bunks should cost less, as you are sleeping literally on the floor."

"No windows, but maybe that's the way it is in Hong Kong."

"A big cockroach invited himself from outside at some point and then left (it came from outside)."  [I'd like to note that this reviewer gave "cleanliness" a 10/10]

"The shower - I literally had to bow down, make a cup with my hands and throw the water over my body."

"I didn't get to use it, but the shower system looked super hip and intense!!! I wish I had: Really high tech!!"

"We had to climb the fence in the morning to leave."