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Least Visited, Day 5: Attempting to Meet the President of Nauru

Least Visited, Day 4: Arriving in the Least Visited Country in the World, Nauru

Least Visited, Day 3: Coconut Hunting on a Failed Micronation

Least Visited, Day 2: Arrival in the Marshall's just like home (kinda)!

Least Visited, Day 1: Six hours in Sydney

Transsiberian Video #4: St. Petersburg

Transsiberian Video #3: Chisinau

Transsiberian Video #2: Train from Bucharest to Chisinau

Transsiberian Video #1: Bucharest

Southeast Asia, Day 14: Intense questioning at the Bali Airport

Southeast Asia, Day 13: Eating and drinking my way through Kuala Lumpur

Southeast Asia, Day 12: The trick to saving money while traveling is spending the entire day on mass transit

Southeast Asia, Day 11: Breakfast burritos in Siem Reap, and then moving on to the hip Kuala Lumpur nightlife

Southeast Asia, Day 10: Getting annoyed by the casual attitude of casualties in the Cambodian War

Southeast Asia, Day 9: Arrival in Cambodia and a floating village tour

Southeast Asia, Day 8: Spending the night on Silom Road, Bangkok's scene for gay nightlife

Southeast Asia, Day 7: Taling Chan Floating Market

Southeast Asia, Day 6: Chatuchak weekend market...this place has got EVERYTHING!

Southeast Asia, Day 5: The race against the clock to Bangkok

Southeast Asia, Day 4: Mom's birthday surrounded by beautiful people

Southeast Asia, Day 3: A day in the charming Phuket Town

Southeast Asia, Day 2: ALL the food in Patong Beach

Southeast Asia, Day 1: Government Approval for an American Passport

2017: A (Travel) Year In Review

Christmas in Northern Vanuatu, Day 17: Leaving Vinmavis for Luganville

Christmas in Northern Vanuatu, Day 16: Closing up the New Year's festivities in Vinmavis

Christmas in Northern Vanuatu, Day 15: A very full New Years Day