Baltics Video #7: Tallinn

Part seven of my Baltics trip series finds me at the end of my first-ever completely solo trip. By the end of it, I was exhausted, but I had so much fun. The video begins not as a peppy, excited Melissa, but a newer, road-weary one. My last stop before home was Tallinn, Estonia. I was pleasantly surprised by this lesser-traveled country and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap European adventure.

After no sleep (again), I arrived via bus to Tallinn, where my lack of sleep caught up with me. But that doesn't mean I wasted away my final day. I thought it would be a bust after seeing my anti-social hostel, but I ended up meeting some cool people that night, including Deniz and Tom (the latter of whom I'm visiting in Vancouver!).

Special thanks again to Zachary Korpi at Company 3 who I credit for making the colors of this city pop. I was lucky enough to have gorgeous weather here, but Zachary really brought out the charm of this place.

In this video, you'll see...
  • my inability to properly focus my camera while I film myself (again. I'm good at that)
  • and hear what lack of sleep does to a person (hint, it ruins their voice)
  • lots and lots of Jenga
  • my adventures home through the Frankfurt airport
and more that I've mentioned in my blog.