Baltics Video #6: Riga

Part six of my Baltics trip series finds me in the surprisingly wild city of Riga, Latvia. This city was so full of life during their White Nights celebration, and I enjoyed the nightlife, food and culture that this magnificent place had to offer in my brief 2-night stay.

After a short plane ride from Helsinki, I landed in Riga to wonderful weather and upon arrival in the hostel I am greeted by Liva with a shot of Black Balsam liqueur. The mood is set.

Upon entering my room, I immediately met a friend, Anja. Shortly after, I met Jean-Phillipe, and my dinner dates were set! Later that night, a group from the hostel including new friends JP, Toby, Eric, Damien, Jess, David, Alex, Piers and I all head out for a night on the town. Brewery, nightclub, we come.

I was tired of what felt like too many days (in reality, it was 5) of anti-social hostels and experiences. However, Riga, after Copenhagen, was the most social stop of my Baltics itinerary, and I loved the city that much more because of it. Oh, did I mention it was also DIRT CHEAP? Well, it was. This city has no down sides.

Special thanks to Zachary Korpi at Company 3 who's responsible for acting as colorist on this video. He really brought life and light to this gorgeous city.

In this video, you'll see...
  • my inability to properly focus my camera while I film myself (again. I'm good at that)
  • me find salvation in paper maps after nearly getting lost (no smartphones here!)
  • JP explain how we stumbled upon a free feast
  • footage from the inside of a perhaps cult-ish nightclub 
  • a sketchy flea market that my guidebook suggested is the place to find a kidney
and more that I've mentioned in my blog.

(the video is marked as explicit for some swearing)