Baltics Video #2: The Ferry over Kattegat and Skagerrak

Part two of my Baltics adventure found me on a Ferry departing from Copenhagen and arriving in Oslo the next morning.

I was very excited about this ferry ride, before I even set foot on it. I read that there were multiple floors like on a cruise ship, containing restaurants, a casino, and a nightclub.

When I arrived, there was even more: a spa with a pool, a duty-free shop, and a massive rooftop deck to explore.

But the fun was almost risked by the travel nightmare that I wrote about here. A muscular blonde viking-looking taxi driver was responsible for saving my trip.

Again, I have to hand it to the immensely talented Parker Jarvie at Company 3 who did color on this. He made the skies bluer than blue, brightened the red sunset, and pulled out the somewhat-sickening pastel colors from the interior ship walls.

In this video, you'll see...
  • Melissa post-travel-panic
  • my confusion at the multi-language ship announcements
  • my strategy for avoiding a "Titanic situation"
  • my awful dancing skills that I had to produce, given the opportunity to dance on an abandoned upper deck
  • the cheesy rendition of "Sweet Home Chicago," which really did speak to me, being 4000 miles from home
  • how I feel when there's a mandatory ship-wide wakeup call at 8am via the loudspeaker
  • My final arrival in the sparkling waters and skyscrapers of Oslo

and so much more that I've mentioned in my blog, all squeezed into a mere 4 minutes.