Baltics Video #4: Stockholm

Part four of my Baltics trip series finds me in the vibrant city of Stockholm. Due to my itinerary pushing two days in Oslo, I spent less than 24 hours in Stockholm.

After getting less than 2 hours of sleep the night before I left for Stockholm, I slept most of the train ride save for the arrival in Sweden, which found me peering out the window at identical little barn-shaped homes in various pastel colors.

When I arrived in Stockholm, I ate, I walked around, I cooked (and ate) and then early the next morning I was off to Helsinki.

As usual, Parker Jarvie at Company 3 is who I credit for bringing the color to life in this video, on parts such as the perfectly pastel barn homes, the bright blue skies, and the delicious Swedish food you'll soon feast your eyes on.

In this video, you'll see...
and more that I've mentioned in my blog in one of the shortest videos yet.
(the video is marked as explicit for some swearing)