Nashville, Day 3: Eating our way through East Nashville

Nashville, Day 3: Sunday, October 9th, 2016

This morning I awoke at 8:15am and my first thought was about last night. No, it wasn’t all a dream, but one of the funniest travel stories I’ve experienced. I’ve never filed a police report or even been with someone as they filed one. What a night.

We stored our luggage and we each got our key deposits back in cash. Now Tara had two dollars, and only two dollars, to her name. Two dollars, people! She’s rich like an 8-year-old after a weekend of ten-cent lemonade sales.

We headed straight to Crema, a coffee shop south of the main strip. We were overwhelmed by the pastry selection and decided to split two macarons (vanilla-rose and brown butter and thyme). Tara ordered the muesli and yogurt dish and I ordered the avocado toast with goat cheese. Both were delicious, and Tara’s accompanying latte had a more respectful latté art design that didn’t resemble a penis.

After breakfast we walked to the Ryman Theatre which Tara wanted to check out as our last touristy stop. However, upon arriving we discovered that you may only enter on a tour, and the tours cost $20. Not wanting to spend a huge chunk of money or too much time on one sight during our final hours, we passed and made the long trek to east Nashville.

Along the way we stopped in a candy shop and indulged in a southern favorite: pralines. Now, it would just be unfathomable to eat a spoonful of brown sugar and salted butter, yet pralines are something acceptable to eat and consume. USA! USA! USA!

We crossed over the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge and marked in Tara’s phone that our first destination would be a vintage shop. Although the store was very cool, the price point wasn’t, so we moved on.

We next hit up a series of vintage stores and shops. In a local record store called The Groove, I bought a gift for my friend Bryan back home and I got my first lesson in how to use a record player while the salesperson showed me how to play Bryan's gift. I chatted with the salesperson and gave him a WLUW sticker and he excitedly said how he’d totally listen to my show, as he loves college radio stations.

After bopping around a handful of shops, we decided it was time to eat. We ate at Marché Artisan Foods where we shared some savory crêpes and a bread basket with a plethora of various spreads and jams. For dessert we got the pumpkin whoopie pie from the bakery. I enjoy getting fat on vacation, but it's nice when you have a travel buddy so you can eat even more foods!

After lunch we needed to make our way back to the hostel, but not without first stopping in a weird gift shop, Good Sister Bad Sister Boutique that doubles as a salon and sells secondhand Halloween costumes as well as (artfully?) reassembled/re-clothed Barbie dolls including one with a beard and one with two heads.

We took an Uber from there back to the hostel and gathered our things, then off we went to the airport. Shortly after struggling to get free airport WiFi while sitting beside a toddler playground by our gate, we boarded and made our way back to Chicago.

The first ever Tara/Melissa adventure was a success. Although I think Tara will need some bribing before I book us in a hostel again.