Planning Vancouver, Part 1: Not much planning at all, to be honest

Another month, another trip. This time to Vancouver, Canada! I've been to Canada before, to the lively Toronto and gorgeous Niagara Falls, but never to the west side. I'm very excited! It's like America, but with more Degrassi and less Trump!

The entire plan centers around seeing a friend I met while traveling, Tom. Remember Tom? Fried chicken Tom? He's an Aussie I met in Estonia and now plan to travel to Canada to see, as he currently works at a ski resort there during the winter.

First of all, what a travel adventure: meeting someone on the other side of the world and reuniting in this one. Only through travel could you make a friendship out of meeting someone for less than a day. Hostels, man, I'm TELLING YOU. Perfect for meeting new friends for life.

Second of all, his job sounds so cool, right? Apparently working in Canadian ski resorts is a thing that all Aussies do...I dunno, must be some rite-of-passage followed by some ceremonial Tim Tam and Vegemite eating.

To be honest, for an entry about planning, I don't really have much to say. For my upcoming trip to see Tom in Vancouver, I haven't done much planning at all. My to-do list is as follows:

  1. go to a used bookstore (my favorite cheap thing to explore in a new city)
  2. eat poutine
That's it.

No need to reach out to Spotted By Locals writers, because Tom has a friend base there. No need to look for suggestions, because Tom lives there. There isn't anything I'm dying to do other than hang out (this is a lot like my attitude towards NYC last year, when I went to see people, not the place).

So, Tom, don't MESS THIS UP. Everything is riding on the experience you make it. NO PRESSURE.