Monsoon Diaries video from Silk Road adventure

Calvin just posted a video from our adventures in Central Asia.

I'm honored to be the screen grab for the video!

If you have a short attention span, here's the highlights and links to the blog posts in which I mention the sights!

0:57 - Questionable driving decisions while passing semi trucks on a mountainside road along the Fan mountains
2:00 - the blackness that is driving through the "Death Tunnel" in Tajikistan
2:12 - me riding on a horse at the Hissar Fort
2:22 - The massive dome of the Chorsu Bazaar
2:47 - Our group starting the party at the plaza in Bukhara, when the Uzbek government warned against gathering in the streets for New Years Eve, so we decided to gather a crowd by dancing when no one else was dancing.
3:33 - Riding on seatbelt-less carnival rides and having the local children stare at us grown adults as we attack each other in bumper cars for less than 50 cents per ride. Maybe that's why they don't have seatbelts?

As for those of you wondering where the video is that I shot and plan to edit....well, patience is a virtue.