Travel DIY: Pillowcase

As you know, I like to craft. Even for my travels, I craft.

For my birthday this year, my parents got me this compact sleep sheet/sleeping bag liner for me to use while traveling. Its drawstring bag makes it compact (about the size of a tall-boy beer can) and it's made of a comfortable microfiber material that makes it easy to wash and quick to dry.

While it's 80" long and perfect for any tall person, it doesn't completely cover a pillow resting underneath.

Elsewhere, sitting in my craft tub for a couple months now are a couple yards of ripstop nylon fabric (that I picked up at a thrift store for 50 cents) that have been begging to be used.

That's where the crafting comes in...

This nylon is thin AND it dries quickly after being washed. Perfect for travel.

I took an existing pillowcase I had, got an approximate measurement, and sewed a simple pillowcase. It takes 5 mins by machine, or 30 mins by hand.

Ta-da! New travel pillowcase, complete.

Since the fabric is nylon, it doesn't need to be hemmed. A simple singe with a lighter is all that's needed. See this close-up of the hem required, and no fraying will occur.

Ripstop nylon edge is singed to prevent fraying.

The result is a compact travel pillowcase that is a fraction of the weight of a regular cotton pillowcase, and takes up about 25% the space. This even fits into my existing sleep sheet drawstring bag without causing it to bulge.

Left, regular pillowcase. Right, new travel pillowcase.

Thirty minutes, 50 cents.

Which would you pack?