The Reunion Tour, Day 13: Farewell to DC


June and I wake up at a decent time after being out late all around town last night, and we head off to the train station.

I was so happy to have done this trip and so thankful to June for hosting me in the DC leg. I successfully reunited with people I met on my previous travels around the world to Estonia, the Transsiberian railway, Bucharest, Spain while studying and living abroad, Central Asia and NYC, as well as Carolyn and Greg from college.

June was kind enough to accompany me to the Amtrak station by taking me via the DC metro. I had to catch the train to get to the airport to head back home to Chicago.  We rushed a bit last minute to squeeze every moment of sleep we could out of the night, and we unfortunately didn't have much time to eat together at the train station. I wandered with her around one of the grab-n-go restaurants before deciding I wouldn't get anything, and then realizing I never finished that sandwich I bought and had leftovers of from Sundevich.

I started this trip with disappointment following a lost sandwich situation, and I ended it with one. It really came full circle.