Hostels are kind of weird, Part 2

I love staying at hostels. But people find them a bit weird, and one of those people is me!

Without shared rooms, I wouldn't have helped a dude get into his locker in the dark with a "you gotta push THEN pull" tip after being awoken in the middle of the night. I wouldn't have tried (and loved) Latvian Black Balsam liqueur. I wouldn't have heard a terrified teen girl tell me about her friend getting head lice on a bus from Tarragona to Barcelona/I wouldn't have KNOWN THAT THAT IS A THING THAT COULD HAPPEN. And I surely wouldn't have met loads of awesome strangers.

I always look at the reviews for hostels before I book because they'll let you know if it's social or quiet, if the toilets don't flush, or if the rooms smell bad (usually that's always a yes).

I'm booking a couple nights in a hostel for an upcoming trip to London, and as always, the reviews are entertaining.

Without further ado, here's round two of my favorite hostel review pull-quotes.

From hostel reviews:

"When I politely said: 'Thank you for a lovely stay' to the reception, I got a strange answer: 'Oh wow, really.'"

"My complaint is the mattress and all mattress in the hostel seemed to be the cheapest money could buy. The pain i felt all through each night was incredible, wire was sticking into the ribs and all over my back."

"Backyard nice, probably great in the summer for drunk people."

"The staff are absolute legends."

"Gave out free Jello Shots!!"

"Please note that there is a horrible smell all over the building."

"You get what you paid. So many people in the room."

"A bit of a walk from downtown...but exercise is good."